Double account maybe?

Hello, this is all new to me.
Since moving from Northern Lights council to Coronado council I have access to my youngest son on scoutbook but not my other son who is the one who transfered from MN to KS as a scout. Scoutbook says another account has my email address, so I am assuming two accounts for me were created instead of merged. Council here seems to be aware but either don’t have the people to do it or can’t figure it out.
My member ID is 13707350.

Also, i still need access to my tiger den…well soon to be wolf den. I have been the trained tiger den leader since the Fall but have not been able to be switched to leader on scoutbook. I was told it may be because they had to recharter…but I have my doubts.

@SarahBeltz I fixed your account - a Unit Admin (Cub Master, Chair or COR) needs to make you den admin. Look at unit roster, admins will have 2 keys by their name.

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