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Double Accounts/Merging

Good morning,

I have a few issues with several of our parent and leader accounts. Many of them will not let me invite them due to their email being in use by another account. This is odd because, as far as we know, there are no other accounts. In the past, I could email scoutbook for help, and they would merge the accounts. Now we no longer have that option and contacting our local council cannot support us with it.

I really need to get these accounts up and running. Any advice?

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Try searching by email address on the invite page.

Your council registrar handles this now.

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If each of these double accounts has a different BSA # won’t they need to be merged?

There is also an issue with one of our parents being able to log in. This was prior to the new URL. I was sitting with him and even I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t letting him in. The only thing I can think of is the whole double account issue.

I’m just not sure how these double accounts even exist due to a lot of these folks being brand new to BSA. They didn’t create one and are auto-added by the registrar to our account.

If someone with the ability to fix these issues can email me at pack33@gmail.com I can send you the word file I started that breaks down everything by name, BSA #'s, and the problem.

We have found for Lion and Tigers the parent is often entered and given a BSA number when the scout joins, and a while later then they decide to become a leader and then they have entered again and given a second BSA number. A BSA number is generated the first time an adult takes the YPT and this should be attached to the Adult application. Hopefully, during recharter, many of these issues can be ironed. out as this is the one time of year that units can edit their units in the BSA database located at my.scouting.org.

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Just had a scout (turning 18 and joining as an adult) complete YPT under a new Member ID number. This is something that I as COR have added (included both Member ID #'s) to his paper application to hopefully have the registrar at recharter be able to fix. I have also added his YPT to his current ID number in my.scouting training manager. A copy of the certificate will be included with his adult application. Not everybody completely understands the complexity that can arise in the ID number world so some people may not be as careful as they maybe should be using the online training system.

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