"Download QR Code" button inert in Invitation manager?

Between the District (ADC role), and any unit within the district I change to, the QR code download button in Invitation Manager appears to be inert. The image itself can be right-clicked to save as a png type image file, so there is a workaround, but it is a very tiny image that is not very well upscaled.

Works fine for me @RobertMckeever - do you have a pop-up blocker on?

I did not have a pop-up blocker on - but apparently it works now. Same browser as what didn’t work before. The image does not scale well - is there a way to have a higher-resolution image of the QR code? We use these in recruiting materials, and almost any enlargement renders the QR code fuzzy.

no idea on that I have blown that up to like 6" X 6" fine

it saves as a png that is 63 x 63. That doesn’t scale well at all in Word, to the point it is not recognizable by a camera that is set up to recognize QR codes. Even scaled to just 214% in the Microsoft image viewer, it is unreadable. Viewing it at 100% size is a 3/4" square. Blow up to 2-inch square is blurry and unreadable.

I might have just made my own years ago

Perhaps a png editor is needed

I had the same experience. I dragged it to make it bigger. Blury, but worked.