Downloading a transfer Scout to TWH from IA

How do I download activities from IA from a transfer scout to upload into TWH?

There is no automatic method. One would view each activity and enter them by hand.

You could generate a scout activity report, I suppose, which would get you most if not all of the information you’re looking for. However, as @Matt.Johnson noted, you still have to manually input the information to TWH. Scoutbook/IA are not (apparently) designed with the intent of data interchange with other tracking/unit management platforms.

@WendyCrego Look in TWH’s User Guide in the section “Upload Activity Credits From Internet Advancement”.

There is no need to manually enter the activity credit information / Scout Participation History into TroopWebHost from either Internet Advancement or ScoutBook.
If you have used the BSA’s Internet Advancement page to record service hours, camping nights, and hiking miles, you can easily transfer that information into Credit For Other Activity on your TroopWebHost site.

Detailed instructions for doing this can be found in the TroopWebHost User Guide here: TroopWebHost User Guide: Upload Activity Credits From Internet Advancement.

Scout Participation History in ScoutBook (prior to it being recorded in Internet Advancement) can also be uploaded into TroopWebHost as discussed here: TroopWebHost User Guide: Upload Scout Participation History From ScoutBook™


You can also upload a “csv” file of activities into TroopWebHost following the instructions in the User Guide here: TroopWebHost User Guide: Credit For Other Activity. Scroll down to the " Upload New Items" section for further information.

Valid activity types include:

  • Camping Nights
  • Cabin Camping Nights
  • Service Hours
  • Conservation Service Hours
  • Hiking Miles
  • Backpacking Miles
  • Cycling Miles
  • Paddling Miles
  • On The Water Hours
  • Horseback Riding Miles
  • Motor Boating Miles
  • Skating Miles
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