Dozens of MBCs disappearing from Scoutbook since March 2023

This problem could have nothing to do with Scoutbook, but I’m hoping that someone in the forum can at least speculate as to what is happening.

Since early March 2023 our number of MBCs has been dropping. We had approximately 1,100 in March and now have approximately 800. Our registrar is unable to explain this. Given the large decline I suspect something having to do with our annual MBC renewal process and perhaps grace periods, incorrect expiration dates or the like. The registrar is not explicitly removing counselors, they are just disappearing.

Any ideas as to what might be happening.

I am a volunteer in charge of merit badge counselors for council 564.

@BobPaver it sounds like council or district did not recharter - post BSA #s and we can give an idea

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Many of the problems involve the Citizenship in Society merit badge. We registered many counselors at the end of 2022.

Note also that MBC renewal is not part of recharter. We so happen to renew MBCs at the same time that recharter is underway.

12028728 Citizenship in Society registration disappeared
13024837 Citizenship in Society registration disappeared
131296712 Citizenship in Society registration disappeared

There are others with problems. I’ve been analyzing the data trying to determine the counselors who are affected. I will have additional IDs soon.


This is a council issue - your first 2 numbers have zero Merit badges assigned to their MBC position. Council needs to add MBs to them. The last one has the ones in this image.


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