Drop Down Menu to Toggle Units and Your Scouts Duplicating Child in Unit Option

The button that is used to toggle between the units you are registered with and your own scouts is showing multiple entires for my own scouts. I have 3 scouts in 4 units, but it has the 2 children in Scouts BSA and Venturing with hundreds of entries (no exaggeration) in that drop down toggle box. It happened within the last 1-2 weeks where more than 1 option to select the connection for the same child in a unit appeared. I should have the 5 registered position options and 4 children/unit options, but the child/unit appears to have an error and is duplicating.

@AndrewPlatte this is known and reported - Shift Refresh clears for me Sometimes

Thanks, looked for a topic but didn’t see it before I posted.

The shift refresh does remove all but 25 duplicates!

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