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Dropped scouts still sync in Scoutbook

Our pack recently completed recharter, dated Jan 27. Today I noticed on my.scouting that the recharter went through and all of the leaders and youth were correct (all scouts who were dropped on the recharter online form were dropped, same as the adult leaders). However, on scoutbook, 11 of the dropped members are still listed in our pack. Same with the adult leaders, one of the dropped leaders is still listed as a committee member.

I tried hitting the sync button in the top right corner on scoutbook, logging in and out again. I could easily manually remove these scouts and leader, but I’m curious why scoutbook sync’d with most of the leaders but left one, and sync’d half of the dropped scouts and left the others there.

We’re all of the scouts approved (green shield) at the time recharter processed?

There is no sync button. If I’m understanding what you pushed, it simply refreshes the page.

Yes, all were approved (green shield) both before recharter and now. Recharter went through on January 27, 2020. The 11 dropped youth still have green shields. I checked again this am; all 11 are not listed on my.scouting but are listed in scoutbook.


Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your unit number, council and the names of the Scouts that should have been removed. When you get the SSD number back in an automated e-mail post it here and we will ask the developers to investigate.

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