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Dual adult registration

We have two college students registering with the troop as ASMs.
One is new and will fill out the adult application and pay the registration fee.
The other is a dual with us being the 2nd - he fills out the application but does he pay the registration fee?

There is no need for the dual to pay again. Make a note of what unit he/she is registered with at the top. Also be sure to inform the person taking the app if which unit will be the primary unit.

The primary unit will be the one that pays the registration fee each year.

On the BSA adult application, make sure he fills in the circle next to “multiple application” and that he includes the other unit’s number and type, plus his current BSA membership number.

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Thank you, I will coordinate with our pack to ensure only one unit is paying that fee. (And if we get a female troop up and running include them in the process.)

Thank you Kirk and Jennifer I will let him know. zits been a while since we had a multiple.


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