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Dual enroll 18 year old "youth"

I have been contacted by a Scout from another council who will be attending college near my troop beginning in August.

She has an Eagle extension and we discussed having her dual enrolled through the end of the year and then we will figure out at recharter which Troop she will be in or whether to dual enroll again.

I assume I have to have her fill out another adult application and make sure that her BSA number is on it as well as filling in the bubble on multiple registration. What position code do I use? Is there anything special I need to do in Scoutbook to make sure she can continue to advance?

I appreciate any insight and help. Thanks!

BSA # as long as it is same council - if a different council she will get a new BSA # - and of course you need YPT

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She is in a different council currently, so she will have two BSA IDs. How does that work with Scoutbook?

She will have 2 totally different accounts - she really needs to decide what council she wants to Eagle in and use that Scoutbook Account - honestly is kind of a tough call cause when she registers in your council all her advancement history is going to go out of her old council to your council via Member update

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This is new information - we were making decisions based on the fact that she could dual enroll. They were aware of a Scout who is dual enrolled in two councils because of shared custody, so we thought we could do this. Sounds like we did not understand the situation correctly.

Maybe it is a situation where one Troop simply has administrative permission for the Scout through Scoutbook?
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yeah it is a little BAD in my book and I have fought it. But what will happen is member update will look for first name, last name and DOB - it will find the other account and move it to your unit changing the MID. But really all you have to do is give the other unit access to that account to mark things too

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Definitely talk to your council advancement chair, too. The extensions, as I understand them, are partially managed at the council level (since bsa member numbers are council specific). I don’t know that there’s any mechanism to transfer the extension to another council. There may be, but I’m not sure.

It may prove to be easiest to let her current unit be primary for advancement purposes, and you work something out with their leadership to report completed requirements to them (either emails or possibly by having a connection to their existing version of her scoutbook records).

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Is there an adult leader role we could give her in our Troop that would put her on the adult roster without charging us fees, but keep her as a youth in her Troop?

Wondering how to enable her to do activities with us liability-wise, but do advancement in her Troop and really be in her Troop from an advancement paperwork perspective.

OK what you could do is register her as a College Scouter Reserve BUT use an alternative first name - then the system should not find the other account

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I would recommend talking to your council Registrar about how best to do this. What might be easier would be to transfer her membership to your troop, and add her other troop’s adult leaders as connections.

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I have a different understanding about the membership ID - I’d like to confirm before commenting further but in the event that you decide to do something sooner than I can provide an answer, I wanted to make sure that if you add an adult role for her, please make sure her UP code is her primary registration, or we can’t record advancement for her.

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Thanks everyone! I did talk to my council.

We landed on keeping her in her Troop and enrolling her in our Chartered Organization’s Venture Crew. I am an Associate Advisor in the Crew.

For those who are interested in the details, these are the concerns that were brought up, and details that were clarified:

  1. The Eagle Extension seems to be tied to the council, and there were concerns that it would not be transferrable, or at least that it was unclear how to transfer the Eagle Extension.

  2. Dual registrations are possible ONLY in different councils, not different Troops within a council, with the caveat that you end up creating a second ID for the Scout and ONLY one ID can have the Scout’s advancement, so it would require coordination to allow the advancement approval from the other Troop - but doable and making sure the two IDs don’t get merged.

  3. Because she is already 18, she couldn’t have a youth registration in our Troop and would have to have an adult registration - some confusion about this, but it’s just different than extending her position in her original Troop and seemed like not worth trying to figure out.

  4. Giving her any adult position in our Troop would negate her youth position in the original Troop and her ability to advance (As @AprilMcMillan1 mentioned above)

I think that was all that we uncovered, perhaps navigable, but not worth the effort, when we can simply have her in our Venture Crew and pursuing Scouts BSA with us that way, while preserving her ability to earn Eagle in her previous Troop.

Thanks again for all the help trying to sort this out.


Are you aware that she does not need to be in a troop at all to continue to pursue Eagle? Unless she has a reason to finish her Eagle in her old troop, she can finish with you in the crew, assuming she is at least First Class.

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@AprilMcMillan1 yes, I am. If it weren’t for the Eagle Extension, we would just transfer her over. Unfortunately, there is concern that the Eagle Extension, which enables her to earn Eagle even though she is already 18, can’t transfer to a different council. Or, even if it can transfer, my council doesn’t know how to do that.

I suspect the Eagle Extension is tied to the BSA Member ID which is why there is some concern about it transferring. Since each Council has it own range of MIDs and cannot see data for a MID in another Council, when the Scout turned in Eagle paperwork, the Eagle processor would not see the extension.

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