Dual registration in 2 separate Councils shown twice under Troop SB screens

We have an adult whom is a Cubmaster in Council A and a ASM in a Council B for our Troop. Under our Troop SB we can see him listed twice in some SB interfaces. Some screens will show his name with Council and Unit numbers but not all do. Appears he has different phone # and emails between Councils. His oldest youth has 2 parent connections one for each Council. His younger Scout in our Troop is only setup as a Parent with Council B. When he has to enter in SB, I believe they understand how to make the particular BSA ID active in My.Scounting then log into SB for making unit specific changes.

Is there anything that can be done to streamline his listing under our Troop interfaces? Its not so much as getting the email correct as he hardly checks it(wife does read hers often but is involved just with the Pack and is a connected parent to her Scouts in our Troop). Would anything improve if 2 Councils registrations matched phone # & email address? Remove duplicate parent connection based on Cub pack? Council A BSA# 133556686 Council B BSA#110192265.

I am looking into this for you

Check again and see if it looks better.

Yes it does. Assuming the correction was removing the duplicate father connection back to Council A?

He was connected with his old pack for his younger Scout who is now in your troop. That was corrected.

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