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Dual Registration Update?

Are there any updates on dual registration for crews and troops for adults age 18-21 being implemented?

Or at least a time frame on when it may get implemented by now?

I’ve been asking for almost a year and it is starting to get frustrating. I keep getting told it is in the pipeline with no implementation timeframe. I keep receiving/figuring out my own workarounds for problems that only work for a few months at a time before I have to figure out new workarounds.

On top of it, the recommended Scoutbook recommendations have been to not set up an Adult Participant as a leader in a troop in Scoutbook, yet the Akela leadership sync periodically adds said links and positions in automatically.

I would really hope this would get resolved soon as college students functioning as Crew members and Troop leaders is a fairly common occurrence. For example in my Crew alone, we have about 5 youth who will be turning 18 in the next year and a half who have expressed interest in staying involved in both crew and troops.

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What exactly is the problem you are having? I have had 18-21 year old dual enrolled ventures in Scoutbook before. I didn’t notice any problems.

Program participant registration

BSA now has:

  • M - Member (under age 18 years)
  • VP - Venturing participant (age 18+ also used for Sea Scouts BSA participants)
  • UP - Unit participant (age 18+ any participant with an age extension?)

“UP” which is now active in the membership database and in council registrar tools need to be added to Scoutbook, if not already done.

I do not know what code will now be used for a Lone Scout BSA member with an extension. They have an additional field in the membership database identifying the type of disability. Perhaps “M”.

@ajzadrozny it’s been various issues over the last year. Currently, I appear in “Needs Approval” under “Reports” but when you click my profile to approve requirements it kicks you back to the main page of Scoutbook. I did find out if you go to my profile and load my advancement, you can select the “unit leader approved/recorded” box and click save on a requirement to approve it, but I’ve currently got about 90 completed but unapproved requirements so that would be a tedious process for our advancement chair to complete.

In the past issues have ranged from having to have two separate profiles, one adult, one youth until the SSO changes deleted the account not linked to a membership number until I figured out how to generate a dummy account in my.scouting so I could use two Scoutbook accounts again. Then, there was a bug for several weeks where all 18-20 age Venturers were converted to adult accounts and completely locked out of advancement. There was also a period of time when the Akela sync was first implemented where my adult leadership was syncing into Scoutbook onto the youth account and converting it to an adult account. For about a month anytime I wanted to enter advancement or have it approved I’d have to manually remove troop leadership/membership and unlink connections to about 40 scouts.

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