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Dual troop registrations

When a scout wants to do a dual registration between 2 different troops within the same council, does the 2 troops have to merge/connect to each other in Scoutbook for that scout?

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@DianaBarham - the scout would end up having two current memberships in his profile. Both units would have access.

and anything Approved is going to show up in both troops needs purchasing until it goes to a PO - no matter what troop Approves it

Ok, when the other troop gained access and assigned leaders to the patrol the dual registered scout is in, in my troop, it block me from being able adding leaders to my other scouts in that same patrol. Is this normal? Can I do anything about it?

The other troop should not be assigning leaders to your patrol - they should be assigning leaders to their own patrols. The Scout will have 2 separate memberships in the 2 troops.


Is there anything I can do on my end to correct this?

Are they assigning leaders to your patrol? Or the patrol in their own troop?

what did they assign? A Patrol Admin?

When I go to assign a leader in my patrol scoutbook says a leader has been assigned. So I believe they have assigned one of their leaders to a patrol in my troop.

I think getting a second set of eyes on this might clear things up. Do you want me to setup a screenshare @DianaBarham?

That would be great. I am assuming the screen share would have to be from a desktop computer? Let me know what I need to do.


Diana Barham

desktop/laptop helps but phones and tablets can work - just tell me when a good time is

I will be available at 1:00 pacific time.

ok I will send you info in a Private message - you will see it on you avatar at top right as a number bubble @DianaBarham

I had to install the app on my phone. I already joined to goto meeting.

Please let us know the outcome of this! Inquiring minds want to know …


I had a scout registered in two different councils, which evidently was OK, but according to my council, Denver Area, a scout cannot be registered in two different troops within the same Council. This would not apply though if he/she was a member of a troop and a venture crew.

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I am curious about why a Scout would be registered in two different Troops within the same council or even in different councils. What am I missing?

Joint custody, getting ready for LDS troops to disband, or even because they need even more scouting opportunities.

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I now have a better understanding of the dual registration. It just is little stange to see another troop’s leaders in your scoutbook and able to make changes. Takes a little getting used to.
Iam all for a scout trying a different troop but, I don’t think a scout should dual register, unless the need it truely there. As @jacobfetzer gave examples of.