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Due to COVID-19, my Council is suspending face-to-face Scout meetings, activities, events and trips until further notice

How will councils and districts continue to operate without fund raisers, recruiting events, income from summer camps/outdoor training events?

It appears that my council (GSLAC) is wanting to avoid insurance claims when they say “Leaders should avoid liability related to conducting unauthorized Scouting activities”

All outdoor scouting events have risks from snakes, scorpions, spiders, insects, and poison plants. We teach our scouts proper identification, avoidance, and treatments for encounters with these. COVID-19 is no different and we should learn to deal with it without hamstringing the Scout programs.

It would be better if GSLAC required a specific covid19 release of liability from all participants and provide training to ameliorate the risks.

Do our best and remove the suspensions and get on with Scouting.
What say you?

Missouri state hiking trails and conservation areas have been open since April.

Missouri state park campgrounds opening

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Did your council just do this? We have been without face to face meetings since March. Ours will continue until July 5th. As this whole situation is unknown, it seems reasonable to me.

We have continued to meet virtually each week with boards of review, Scoutmaster conferences, and meetings.

Is it sad? Yes. Is it inconvenient? Yes. Is it the safe thing to do? Yes.


Same here in SE Michigan. No face-to-face meetings permitted, so we’ve been meeting via Zoom since late March

GSLAC in letter May 1st set a May 11th date for opening.
GSLAC in letter of May 12 canceled all summer camps and outdoor training events.
GSLAC in letter of May 16 continued the suspension until further notice

We are curious! Let us know if your council has removed the suspension of face to face meetings?

Northern Star Council is permitting gathers of no more than 10 people, including at least 2 registered leaders over the age of 21. This follows the latest MN order. WI has a less restrictive order but the Council is using the same policy for both MN and WI for consistency. Social distancing guidelines must be followed, families are asked not to carpool to any events and to screen for symptoms before and after the event.

They still hope to open camps this summer and are working to prepare them.

For those of us in NY,NJ,PA area things are still following a no in-person meeting protocol. As someone in several risk groups (COPD,HBP and cancer) I do not want to take to many risks. When they ease the restrictions we will comply with the directives.

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We are curious! Let us know if your council has removed the suspension of face to face meetings?

Simon Kenton Council in Ohio is following the governor’s orders exactly. That means no face-to-face at the moment. But we are hopeful that will open up next month. Camps are still planning to go forward with lots of modifications. One is that non-family members cannot share a tent. Also, I suspect there will be limits on how many and possibly who can be in a program area at the same time. I suspect there will also be modifications to meals… likely to be served in the campsite.

The state of Wisconsin may have eliminated the restrictions but I’m not aware of any other councils easing restrictions on meeting in person yet . Bay Lakes Council and Samoset Council are planning on opening camps starting July 5th with a very modified structure. Our week at camp has been eliminated and we will most likely not try to reschedule. Parents keep asking about alternative events for the week of camp but until we get the all clear to meet again, there isn’t much that we can plan for except virtual or uncoordinated events.

We played patrol jeopardy last night - tons of fun



We are curious! Let us know if your council has removed the suspension of face to face meetings?

We are curious! Let us know if your council has removed the suspension of face to face meetings?

@davidEPPS please stop spamming your own post


In Narragansett Council, there’s no face-to-face, camps are shut down. We are doing everything by virtual.
But, some units are still doing things against State Orders and council’s orders. But nothing is said except putting it in the news paper.
Some leaders don’t play by the rules.
My opinion.

May 9th, Rhode Island becomes first in Northeast bloc to lift stay-at-home order

We are curious! Let us know if your council has removed the suspension of face to face meetings?

@davidEPPS - I am trying to understand the point to this exercise. Are you in a subtle way trying to leverage a political viewpoint or agenda ?

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@davidEPPS is from the St Louis area according to his first post, so I don’t get the commentary about Rhode Island lifting their stay-at-home orders. I don’t understand the repeated “We are curious!” comments, but I feel like they’re not very constructive and need to be moderated.

Looks like the majority of his posts (5 of the 6) are the “We are curious!” comments on this thread.

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No political agenda or leverage.

My district advancement committee was going to do a eagle bor’s outdoors in a open setting. Council told us NO to this and just keep doing virtual. Everything is virtual. The stay at home order might be lifted, but council camps are closed, no face-to-face meetings of any kind. Pretty tough on cub packs.

No political agenda what so ever. This thread is to gather and share information between councils, districts and units regarding the COVID-19 crisis reopening strategies as seen by those with boots on the ground.

Politics should never enter into deciding a course of action in a national emergency. Decisions to reopen must be made on the basis of facts. Early on in this crisis leadership had very few facts. Now there are ample facts to base sound decisions but due to the politicization it is very hard to find the consensus.

So far this thread has revealed a variety of approaches by councils and units to dealing with the pandemic. I cannot find the position of national regarding the crisis and so apparently the decisions have been left to the councils. This thread has not revealed a consensus among the councils, yet.

Missouri - no face-to-face and no outdoor until further notice
Green Bay WI - no face-to-face and no outdoor till July 5th
SE Michigan - no face-to-face and no outdoor
Northern Star Council - Minnesota - face-to-face <10 people and outdoor opening under consideration
NY,NJ,PA area - no face-to-face and no outdoor
Simon Kenton Council - Ohio - no face-to-face and outdoor with restrictions
Bay Lakes Council and Samoset Council - no face-to-face and outdoor open July 15th
Narragansett Council - Rhode Island - no face-to-face and no outdoor

BSA community rolls went from 4 million at the peak to a “claimed” membership of 2.3 million as of 14 January 2019. “Outdoor adventure is the promise made to young people when they join Scouting.” This is one of the main attractions for youths and the lack of outdoor adventure will have negative impact on scouting. Let’s figure a way to live up to the promise where we can and maintain momentum and membership especially for cub packs as PaulLafond1 pointed out.

Since each council is independent and while the issue is complex and the demographics are varied within a council then it is beneficial for all leaders to become knowledgeable of how each council is guiding its districts so that they can make fact/experience based decisions.

The facts applicable to the Sioux district of the Greater St Louis Council has limited internet access, we are very outdoors oriented, and the counties making up the district have low infection rates and communities have low population densities. Our troop has been negatively impacted by the crisis.

I bump the topic to prevent the topic from closing in 7 days after the last reply so that any consensus of council policies can be identified.

We are curious! Let us know if your council has removed the suspension of face to face meetings and policy for outdoor events?