Duel Registration - Cub Scounts

My son is duel registered in two troops for cub scouts. Just the secondary troop isn’t appearing on scout book, and the other troop doesn’t have access to see my son and mark his completions. Is there a fix that both troops can see?

What is the Scouts BSA # and we can look at the Packs

Hi, is there a way that I can send this to you privately? As this is an open forum and I dislike giving out private information. Thanks,


BSA ID: 136959928

I set up a sync to fix this after 3pm CST

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Thank you so much for this. As that will make this much better. :slight_smile:

Just wondering, as there are lots of boys that do this. Is there a way that the system can auto-sync this without doing this manually? As that would be lots of notes to you.

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