Duplicate Account Created

I was told by my Den Admin that I needed to resubmit my adult leader application as the first one was lost. I did so and then received an email saying a new account was created for me. This is a separate account that has a different name.
Correct account: XXXX (BSA# 13769114 UserID11858579)
Duplicate Account: XXXX (BSA#14163331)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

@AllanBeam will look at this for you

@AllanBeam this is fixed correctly for you

@AllanBeam I would recommend one of your pack’s leaders contact your local council about getting your Adult Partner registrations put under your Den Leader BSA member number (14163331).

Possible duplicate parent account. BSA ID # 14136118. In Scoutbook, parent’s email is misspelled. is listed as son@.* and should be sen@.* . When attempting to update, the system says “This email already exists under another account”. Scout’s BSA ID # 14136120.

@JillBarr it is on a Youth account - does it need to be cleared?

yes, please clear the email from the Youth account.

@JillBarr ok all fixed

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