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Duplicate Account issues

I have a parent/Den Leader that has two active user accounts for Scoutbook. According to council last year both have the same BSA# but different user numbers. When I try to set them up as a Den Leader I can’t because everything always defaults to the account that has changeyouremail@scoutbook.com and he can’t log into this account. Only the other account that has his actual email. Last year local council wasn’t much help at getting this resolved. I did a work around and made him a parent for the three scouts so he could update info. But need to get this resolved. The account with changeyouremail@scoutbook.com needs to be deleted so everything goes to the account with his email address.

@KajLanglois post the BSA # and we can look

Their BSA# 136632861

@KajLanglois this is fixed - they need to use their my.scouting.org username and password to login - NOT their email address

Thank you. Will have them try that.

I got the same issue with two BSA#. The one to keep is 13857758

@BrianPutman this is fixed

Apparently now user BSA# 136632861 says he has two my.scouting.org accounts and can’t log into either one.

@KajLanglois I only see pbaerman1 - they can use BOT at bottom right of my.scouting.org to change password if needed - or your council can change that password

@DonovanMcNeil - I’m a key 3 and I have a duplicate account that need to be merged. Scoutbook user ID 2628756 should be merged into 9807682 (BSA member ID 13021631) as the primary. Can you help?

is email Sarablow77@ or Sarblow77@ ?

Sarablow77@ is the correct email.

it is wrong in alot of places then - let me see what I can do

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ok the Email is cleaned up and the Accounts fixed

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Confirmed that all is good now. Thank you as always for prompt attention and your support w/ the SUAC.

I have 2 BSA ID#s from different councils. for three years the accounts were somehow merged together so when I opened Scoutbook or Internet Advancement I was able to select which troop I wanted to work with. A couple of weeks ago something changed and I was unable to do this. Got help from my Florida council and now I can see both in Scoutbook, but not in Internet Advancement. can this be change back to the way it was?

@PaulHoffman1 so you cannot see one in Internet Advancement? What are the BSA#s and which one can you not see that is associated with a unit

My two ID#s are: Florida - 134320656 I can use and see both troops in Scoutbook only one troop (Florida) in Internet Advancement. CT. ID# is 6364340 and I can’t see anything with this number.

@PaulHoffman1 so before - would you have to go into Manage Member ID and switch primary to change what you saw? and did you have different SB Users?

Sorry for the delay I had to go out to meet some one. No I did not have yo switch primary accounts. No different SB users.