Duplicate Account - Scout Leader


I was a den leader in my previous pack (23) and have been in my current pack (203). I believe the second account was made when I moved here to Korea.

Can I get these two accounts merged?

BSA Member # - 12552755
UserID # - 1004297

BSA Member # - 14087132
UserID # - 7870658


I’ll look into this.

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Were you registered in Greater Empire Council in the early 2000s?


I have fixed your Scoutbook accounts and changed your primary MID on your my.scouting.org ID to your FSC MID. I also added your Coronodo Area and Alamo Area Councils as secondary MIDs.

Once you confirm membership in Greater Empire Council, I’ll add that MID as a secondary MID as well. Because your middle initial, not your middle name is used on that MID, you will not be able to add it yourself.

Keep in mind, every time you move to a new Council, you will get a new MID. It is critical that you use your full FN, MN, LN each time you register so the accounts can link up.

Hello, yes I earned my eagle scout from the Greater Empire Council. Thank you!


I added your Greater Empire Council MID to your my.scouting.org ID.

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