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Duplicate Accounts • Empty Profile Made Primary

Two Scout Book accounts were established for a scout: 134286561 & 137037809.

Account 134286561 contains 98% of the scouts information regarding all awards, rank advancement, service projects, activity logs, leadership, etc. Account 137037809 contains 5% of the scouts information, listing mainly activities. How do we get the ‘full’ account (134286561) made primary?


When our local councils merged the ‘empty’ account (137037809) was made primary. Attempts to manually update the ‘empty’ profile are hindered, potentially undermined by the loss of districts, patrols and packs, etc. resulting in the loss of significant, relevant data to include rank, awards, membership days, etc.

The ‘full’ account (134286561) can be updated but cannot be added to troop/patrol rosters, nor can the scout’s reports be run nor activities be updated.

Again, how do we get the ‘full’ account (134286561) made primary?

well 561 BSA # no longer exists - we can apply the other BSA # 809 to the Scoutbook account that has more history if you wish - that is the registered BSA #

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