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Duplicate accounts

My son’s account was somehow duplicated. I contacted my local council and they resolved the BSAid to have his current status all under one BSAid. BUT,

  1. both accounts are still open in scoutbook and he cannot connect to the current account

  2. the new/deleted account still lists his cub membership info. It’s not listed under the correct BSAid.

127761965 is the BSAid that has his current advancement recorded and is being updated by the troop. It should be the one with ALL of his membership information and the one he is connected to.

133782191 is the BSAid that was somehow created and duplicated his advancement. It should be deleted. BUT it contains all of his cub membership information.

I would be grateful if someone could correct this such we do not lose his historical data and is connected to his current/active account.
Thank you,


Brian H.

Brian, I recommend you run a Scout History report for both accounts. Then compare them. If you keep the Scouts BSA account without the Cub Scout history, then your council will need to manually enter that history into IA2. You will lose all the details of which adventure loops and pins were earned, as only the ranks will be entered. If you keep the account with the Cub Scout history, then you can enter the Scouts BSA history, because your scout will be in a troop. I would recommend this as you can do the data transfer to the detail you want. The proper BSA ID# can be attached to either account and, if needed, deleted from the other account. If you need the BSA ID# moved in Scoutbook, message SUAC.

This sounds like your son was a Cub Scout and when he bridged, a new account was created, instead of his account being transferred. Even if the first account came from a different council, it can be kept by updating the BSA ID#. If the account kept does not have a troop membership yet, as the parent attached to the account, you can connect a troop admin to your son so they can add the appropriate membership. Or do it yourself; an admin will need to approve the membership.

If your son has an email associated with the account you will end, you should have SUAC delete it so as to not conflict with the account you keep.


I’ll send you a private message. Click on the blue circle with white B in the upper right corner of your forum screen.

Hi Doug,

Sorry for the slow response here. I was s bit confused, but now realize your message here is independent of the email you sent. Honestly, I am not entirely sure how this happened. My son was a cub and bridged over a few years ago. All was well with his advancement and Troop activities in scout book for a long while. It was just this year (Aprilish) when suddenly his account disappeared. I emailed Council to figure out what happened, and no one knew, only that he suddenly had 2 BSAIDs. Council said that the 133782191 account was new and that we should be using the (Lower numbered) 127761965. BUT, as you can see, all of his history is in the 133 account and the 127 account is only 200+ days old. (The 133 account even has his original picture.) Under the membership details there is a cryptic note in the closing of his last position in the troop.

“DateEnded by SP ExpiredInvalidYouthUPsCreatedInSB after 90 Day Lapse”

Obviously I want to keep all the history that I can. Which means switching to the 133 account.

I am unfamiliar with the MID and SUAC acronyms. How does one change the MID on an account? Do I just update the membership dates on the membership tabs? and can you tell which account internet advancement is synced too?

Many thanks for your help,


MID = BSA Member ID number
SUAC = Scoutbook User Advisory Committee

The private message you received was from @edavignon, a member of SUAC (see symbol on his avatar). Some SUAC members have a permission level that allows modifying accounts, including MID.

I recommend working with Ed to choose which account to keep and then attach the proper MID to that account.

This happens when a Scoutbook account does not sync to the My.Scouting roster for the unit.

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