Duplicate Adult Contact

Can someone assist our Pack? We have a User (#9783874) that needs to be merged or delete with BSA# 13635078 (User# 11522281). She was created a second time when her second son joined Cub Scouts and the Parents were given a BSA#. We think the parents are not being searched when a multiple scout is newly added to scoutbook.

Any help so I can work with the Parent to be corrected. Also the Correct BSA# email is wrong and cannot change.

Scoutbook should have some functionality that the Key (3) User should have control of that we do not. What if the email is changed, is this something easily can be changed with the user?

Thank you.

@JoelSmith2 users can change their own emails - we will look at the user

@JoelSmith2 the user is fixed

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