Duplicate Adult Leader in Scoutbook

Hello. There has recently been another individual with the same name as me added to my troop which is causing issues with my access. I am the Advancement and Merit Badge Councilor and having problems updating the scout’s accomplishments.
My BSA Member ID:
Troop #76 A out of Holliston, MA
Thank you
Brandi Casey


The only account with your name attached to your unit is your’s. The reason you are having access issues is your Committee Member position expired on 12/31/21. You have NEVER been registered as a Merit Badge Counselor.

You will need to complete a new adult registration to get your access restored.

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Two applications required?

I believe two applications are required. I recommend renewing the unit committee member position which requires a fee first, then adding the merit badge counselor non-fee council/district position.


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