Duplicate applications with Cub transfer to Troop

We had a Pack initiate a transfer of a Cub Scout to my Troop, and it created 3 duplicates, for a total of 4 applications for the same Scout. We approved one of them, and the Scout now appears in Scoutbook, but I’m not sure what to do with the other 3 applications.

There were a few similar postings about 2 years ago, and the general consensus was to just leave them alone and they would expire. However, we’re still going to get notifications for 90 days(?), which will be very annoying for the Key3. It’s frustrating that this is still a problem after all this time, but is there a better resolution for this issue?

The duplicate application IDs are 200808329, 200808330, and 200808332. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

In my council, this is something a DE and/or registrar can cleanup.

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Same here. Post a note in the “Notes” field on the right side that it is a duplicate and to please delete it, then reassign to the district/council, and let them handle it.

That sounds like an even better way. I had just emailed, but your way keeps it in the system and makes it clear.

I did as @RobertBrodner suggested, and they are now in a “pending reassignment” state. I’ll update this thread with any additional information.