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Duplicate BSAID for an ASM

We have an ASM that we’ve been having issues with in reporting and handling any data for. Whenever I try running the training validation and searching by their BSAID, it returns the error

The search criteria used returned more than one person record. Please enter more specific search criteria.

Surely the BSAID should be unique? How do we get it fixed so there is only one of her accounts? This seems to cause issues with other tools as well, such as TroopMaster.



I recommend you contact your council registrar who can search ScoutNET to determine if there really are multiple people with the same BSA Member ID.

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is this a council that has recently merged?

Don’t recall how “recent” it was. Circle 10 merged Golden Arrow and Northern Lights into Chisholm Trail. It’s been at least a year, based on the change dates on the C10 Wikipedia page, though I cannot find any actual dates listed anywhere. My Google-foo is not working today.

Thanks, wish the council had a published email for that role, would make life easier. I’ll call the local office and talk to somebody. Thanks for the suggestion.