Duplicate connection and advancement issue

I am the CC and Scoutbook Admin for our unit. I have a new Scout that somehow wound up with me showing twice under his connections. When I go to enter an advancement for him I get booted back to the dashboard page. I am thinking this is because of the duplicate connection. What I don’t know is how to remove one of these connections, I am looking for a little help with this.

@VincentHlavinka This should be fixed.

This Scout needs to be moved into a den in Scoutbook.

@JenniferOlinger I am now listed only once for this Scout but still get booted back to the dashboard when I try to go into one of the Adventure to add advancement. The connection was corrected, but the Scout was still assigned to the original den. Do I need to remove them from the den and put them back in?

@VincentHlavinka - what does it show under the scouts membership section

@VincentHlavinka There was something odd with his den membership. I have moved him out of the den and back onto your pack.

Can you go to the den page in Scoutbook, and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to move him back into the den?

Thank you, it seems to be working correctly now.

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