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Duplicate den

So back when I advanced our dens up for the year I accidentally advanced the lions up to bears before I realized I had been advancing the same den every time. I was able to disapprove the den at that time to make it disappear of the den page. But now a few months later it is back!! It is still unapproved but is back on the page. Any way I can delete this mistake permanently??

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Are there any Scouts or adults assigned to the den? If not, then the other likely explanation is a Scout’s leadership position as denner or assistant denner was not ended properly.

The same scouts are in this duplicate bear den that are in the tiger den. Which is the correct den for these scouts (tigers). No leaders or chiefs are assigned to this duplicate den(bears).

You need to go to each of those scouts’ membership pages and add an end date to the bear den.

ETA Also make sure the position approved box is checked on the bear membership when you put the end date in.

That worked
Thank you

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