Duplicate E-mails - trouble logging in

I read through a few of the posts here and it sounds like something that can be fixed by someone looking at my account. I haven’t used Scoutbook in some time, and it seems I created an account with my personal e-mail and then also one with an e-mail for our former Pack (we merged recently with a new Pack)

Scoutbook shows the Pack e-mail, but the forgot password etc all goes to my personal e-mail.

I’d like to have everything set up on the personal e-mail, but when I put that in to change the e-mail in scoutbook it says that account already exists, so it’s still stuck with the old Pack e-mail.

My member ID is 130548950

Ultimately hoping to just have everything go to my personal e-mail.

@StevenOberg This is fixed. Note that you have Google login enabled. So, make sure you are clicking that to sign in.

Awesome thanks! Indeed it is - just confirmed!

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