Duplicate email warning and my scout is no longer active/connected to his Pack/Den

My son, is a member of the Pack 0021 in Brentwood, CA and a member of the Bear Den 6 and 11. He joined last January/February as a Wolf and while I was able to update Scoutbook using the app for several months last year, his account is no longer active/connected to his Pack. The connection I have listed under his name states that his membership was only from Feb-April 2023. My ID number is 140138991; however, I do not have access to the BSA number for my son in order to connect him again. Furthermore, when I log into Scoutbook, I have the warning that my email is a duplicate. Can you clarify what you see on your end on our account(s) and how we can move forward with my son’s active account/internet advancement and access to his Pack and Den?
Thank you so much for your assistance!

@ShelleyFreitas let me take a look

@ShelleyFreitas first question are you going to keep the email login or the Sign in with Google?

@ShelleyFreitas your son is not registered in the unit - in fact I see no past registrations under that name and DOB. This is something to talk to unit about - in fact I see several in the pack in the same situation

I’ve been doing the email log in.

OK I will keep the email one

Interesting! Okay, I’ll reach out directly. Thank you so much!

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