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Duplicate entry on roster - not correct access

I am listed twice on our roster - one listing is associated with my email and the other is associated with my mailing address.
Under one I am listed as Unit Scouter Reserve with no permissions ( I think this is the one I am currently logging in under) and the other one (which is the correct one) has me listed as Troop Admin, Unit Advancement Chair. I can’t seem to get logged into the right one or get rid of the wrong one!



Your Council can merge the accounts

Are you able to see the BSA IDs associated with each account? That will be helpful in getting the accounts properly merged and ensuring that you retain the correct BSA ID as primary.

You probably want to talk to whomever from your unit has access to the official roster at my.scouting.org (at a minimum your scoutmaster, committee chair and chartering organization representative, although they can also assign others) to verify which BSA ID is associated with the correct positions on your unit roster.

Out of curiosity, were you ever correctly registered as a USR, or is that a completely erroneous registration? I’m wondering whether the system is dredging up old registrations somehow vs an error by someone registering you under the wrong designation.

So the person who can do that, is unavailable…now what/

@JessicaPetrie I sent you a private message. You had 2 Scoutbook accounts.

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