Duplicate/Erronous accounts

I have twin boys that I can not connect with via Scoutbook. I can see them in my account along with advancements, Merit Badges earned etc… but cannot connect to them. When I attempt to, I get a message to delete their account and then send an invite to connect, but there is no option to delete their account. I also read information that their accounts need to be merged which only Scoutbook support can do.

Here is their information:

From my page and what is linked to Scoutbook with progress is:

[name removed by Moderator]
BSA: 132387634, UserID: 4906882.
Unit is Troop 403
Council is Suffolk County Council

Individual page that is not linked and has bad or no info:
[name removed by Moderator]
BSA: 13821832, UserID: 12105820 DOB 2/4/2009 WRONG DOB
Please delete this account.

Official linked information:
[name removed by Moderator]
BSA: 132387643, UserID: 8412900. Same issue as with [name removed by Moderator]'s account.
Unit: Troop 403
Council: Suffolk County Council

Individual page that is not linked and has bad or no info
[name removed by Moderator]
BSA: 13817226 UserID: 12036146 DOB 2/3/2009 WRONG DOB
Please delete this account.

Please let me know if you can help with this, or what I need to do to correct it.

Best Regards,
Jim Snyder

Generally speaking, please don’t pay things like names and dates of birth, since this is a public forum. The folks from SUAC can generally work with the BSA ID and/or Scoutbook UserID to resolve the issues. If additional information needs to be shared, they can set up a private chat session where that can be shared.

This is my fourth attempt to correct this info. According to Scout Book placing the info in the public forum is the only way to get it fixed. Its a VERY bad fix.

@JamesSnyder these are fixed

Thank you for taking care of it.

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