Duplicate IDs for youth in scoutbook - how to combine?

hi. my council support was unable to fix this, they suggested i try using the scoutbook forum.

youth (one of my children) transferred into new council, but a new ID was created in scoutbook versus combining or using the old ID after council was “unable” to transfer the youth.

how do i update/merge the advancement records from the old ID into the new ID? i have read through the forum topics here and see how to add a secondary or additional ID to my personal scoutbook profile using my.scouting.org “Manage Member ID” but can’t figure out how to do it for the youth.

new BSA ID is 14755608, old BSA ID is 13750573.

i would appreciate any info anyone can share to show me how to make this happen.


The First Name / Middle Name was entered differently - this is fixed @ThomasSaunders

Thank you so much, much appreciated!!!

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