Duplicate Leader Accounts

I have a committee member that has duplicate accounts. She had one that was set up before she was registered, and then one that was automatically generated when she was registered.

The first one is BSA Member #130600040/UserID 10745449. It is attached to her son.

The second one is BSA Member #1372225970/ UserID 11767532

She logs in using the first one, but her access to the troop is tied to the second one. If they could be combined into one, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

I see other threads on here where people are getting accounts like this merged. Is there somewhere else I should be posting this? Or do I need to create a ticket with National’s support?

we must have missed your post - this is fixed - if user is treasurer and you want to use SB Payment log they will need connections to scouts

Thanks for the quick reply and for fixing the issue! I will take care of the connections.

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