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Duplicate Parent Account Issues

The pack has several parents having login/account reset issues.

Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

Parent 1:
BSA1: 137271935
BSA2: Blank

Parent 2:
BSA1: 13845234
BSA2: 12903221

@CodySchmit well the first one has not logged in since 2015. I would suggest they go to my.scouting.org and create an account it will match then up and give them a better login

#2 - I do not see these BSA# in Scoutbook

The first one has a my.scouting account and 2 BSA member numbers:


The first BSA member number is associated with her my.scouting account, but the second BSA member number has an active Tiger Adult Partner registration.

Thank you for the quick responses! I passed the info on for the 1st. For the one below, do you have any suggestions?

This was her last response to me:

“We are able to get on the regular website and have had an account since like 2015. I am not sure why Scout book doesn’t like anything we try.
I tried the numbers and password resets that you suggested, but I am not receiving the rest emails. I will call the support number tomorrow. “

Cody Schmit

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