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Duplicate parent accounts

I have a parent with multiple accounts. Can you help me merge them? And get her access? She had access when her Scout was a Cub, but can’t get in now, probably because there’s not a viable email address for any of the three accounts.

Scout ID: 6641881

Parent #1: 133255242, Cheryl Reitz on Shoreland (incorrect address), no phone, no email address
Parent #2: 136057574, Cheryl Reitz on Fairhill (correct address), correct phone, changeyouremail@scoutbook.com
Parent #3: no BSA #, but the User ID is 11515926, Reitz Cheryl (transposed name), no address, no phone, no email

Cheryl’s correct email is Reitz_Cheryl@yahoo.com.

Thank you,


Please contact your local council for assistance, because it looks like the dates of birth are different. The local council can fix one BSA member number and retire the other one.

Once that is fixed, we can help with fixing the Scoutbook account.

Thank you for the help!

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