Duplicate parent connection help needed

I am running into an issue with one of my children where I am connected to her twice. Once as “Adult Leader, Parent/Guardian” and once as “Parent/Guardian”. I was the cubmaster for her pack but am not anymore, though I am still on the committee and as a Pack Admin and key 3 delegate. I have three other older children in different units where the connections are correct. Can you help?

Scout MID: 14009112
My MID: 12627444

The connection IDs (from the URL)
ConnectionID=58659944 (parent & adult leader) ← correct one
ConnectionID=67057476 (only parent) ← duplicate

@NikolaiNorausky let me take a look

@NikolaiNorausky VERY odd - I think it is solved thanks to @JenniferOlinger help - please take a look

Looks like that did it, thanks!

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