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Duplicate Parent/Leader

I need some help. I have a parent/leader who was added previously this year. Since then, he was added by council and I can’t delete him or his connections under the record I created. That is the one that needs deleted since the new record has his BSA ID embedded. Who can I work with to have this corrected? Thank you! Karen

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Hi, @KarenZygmont,

There’s no way for a unit leader to delete an account, and in this case that’s not really what you want to do.

Send an email to and let them know what the situation is, that the accounts should be merged, and which BSA ID/connections/permissions/etc should remain in the final account. You may still have some clean-up to do at the tail end regarding connections, but there’s no way for a unit-level leader to resolve the situation.

Makes sense - thank you so much…will do :slight_smile: Karen

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