Duplicate SB accounts and password confusion

Hi there, We have a scout who forgot their password and may have inadvertently created a new SB account while trying to figure it out. Can you please merge/delete Member ID 13249500 with ID 140645586? Can you tell if he’s using his Google credentials or unique SB credentials to log in? How can we help him recover his password? When we did the Forgot password, he never received the email to reset it. FWIW, having 3 different ways to log into SB (i.e., using Google credentials, Apple credentials or unique credentials) causes a ton of confusion. Thanks, Tanya

@TanyaSteinhofer is this Scout Dual Registered in 2 councils?

@TanyaSteinhofer the user name is everything before the @ of their email

He transferred from an Orinda/East Bay council. He’s now only with Marin Council. Can you tell if he’s using Google credentials or unique SB credentials? Any idea why he never received the password reset email?

He is not using Google - he has a user name that is everything before the @ of the email. I would suggest using my.scouting.org to recover the password as SB emails are on blacklist

Were you able to delete the extra account? Thanks!

@TanyaSteinhofer it is all cleaned up

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