Duplicate scoutbook account - merge request

I’m working to clean up our adult roster (parents and leaders) and would like to delete/merge 12 parents who have duplicate accounts. My Scout Office stated they do not have the ability to delete accounts. What is the best way to delete these old accounts?

@KeithBalts - the bsa id numbers would help in this case.

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@KeithBalts Your local council cannot delete BSA member numbers, but they should be able to manage them. They can also merge Scoutbook accounts if the associated BSA member ID numbers all belong to their council.

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I have several problems with a parent’s scoutbook accounts. She has both ID#13053816 and a much older ID#133973929 which has an old email address as well as a maiden name. The first account is her primary, but has both accidentally turned off all scoutbook email in preferences, as well as forgotten her password. Really trying your skills, The second account could probably be disabled or merged with the first, but she’d also like to regain access as well as turn her emails on. She has had issues with the online recovery process. Sorry about all those words, thanks!

@KenHain It looks like that user created a new username a few days ago. Ask her to try logging to Scoutbook with that username. She should log in to Scoutbook using this url:


Her primary BSA member ID number is: 140952145.

I would recommend contacting the local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up her child (or children). In the “Relationships” tab / section, she should be listed as parent only under her primary BSA member ID number. They should remove her if she is listed as parent under any of the secondary numbers. This will help to prevent future issues.