Duplicate scoutbook account - merge request

Thank you very much, Donovan. So x6129 is primary from now on.


6129 is the one that is registered

Hi, we have a new parent that got registered for 2 accounts. BSA#'s, 140971592 & 140922874. She has access to 140971592 and so we got that one connected to her son and our Pack in Scoutbook. She has not done any training or anything, so the other one is just out there and will not be used. Might be good to delete or merge it or something. Her name is Christy Clutter and I’m the Committee Chair for Pack 328 in Austin TX. Please let me know if should do anything else- Thanks, Roy Stiles

@RoyStiles that is all fixed

Excellent, thanks!!!

I have two member ids (135741787 and 13137660) in Scoutbook Plus that are associated with the same email address. I believe this is causing the warning I see within the My Dashboard portion of Scoutbook that says another user is using the same e-mail address. Would it be possible to have this investigated, please? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

@AlanShay this is fixed

Thank you very much!

    • is my BSA Number. I am an adult. When I log in to do things, it says there are 2 e-mail addresses for my account. not sure why this is. I can’t get full access to be able to create events and things as well. I have my YTP but it is not showing on my cubmaster’s list even though it shows on my profile.


You have 2 my.scouting.org IDs, one uses Google Login, the other is your e-mail address. Which do you want to keep? Either can be made to work.

Please keep the one attached to my gmail email address.

Once that is done will that fix the problem of my birthday not showing up? I also can’t submit an application for leadership right now. Any help would be appreciated.


This is fixed. Log in with your e-mail address and password. Do not use the Google Login button.

I recommend contacting your Council and having them use the Relationships tab of Registrar Tools to connect you to your Scouts on your BSA Member ID (MID) that starts with 141. Also use this MID to register yourself.


I have two connections under one of my scouts but not the other. I am not certain how I delete one of the connections. Here is my BSA ID: XXX620 I believe this maybe my other one: XXX792.

I am unable to see this scout to transfer him to another pack under BSA ID: XXX620 so I am guessing it is under XXX792. Do I have to access that ID to transfer him? Should I only have one ID? We are a military family so I just want to understand this process for when we move again.

Thank you for the assistance.

@CaitlynDeBlaay Please contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your Scout with first initial “K.”

In the “Relationships” tab / section, they should remove you as parent under your secondary BSA member ID number, the one ending in -792. Then they should add you as parent under your primary BSA ID number, the one ending in -620.