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Duplicate ScoutBook Accounts for Parents who are Leaders

Where is the system breakdown in ScoutBook or my.scouting.org that creates duplicate ScoutBook accounts for parents that become Scout Leaders, specifically parents that had parent accounts in ScoutBook when their child was a Cub Scout or a young Boy Scout?

I have had several parents that have volunteered to be leaders or committee members and when they get a BSA ID assigned, it isn’t applied to their current account but instead a new account is created, typically with a @scoutbook.com email. ScoutBook help desk has fixed all of these so far, but wouldn’t it be easier to check to see if an account exists and add the BSA ID # and Leader tag to an existing account, vice creating a new one?

@JohnBenedict - there are multiple layers to this one. If the parent started as a lion or tiger partner they get a BSA ID, and I note that on the app if they become a registered leader. All other parents are added in the person database as a parent without a BSA ID that I am aware of and connected in scoutbook. When those parents become leaders, the council registrar “should” check for existing names, that is where the disconnect comes in. If they just add the leader and never check… then you get a duplicate.

The automatic and human processes that check for existing accounts depend on the information existing in Scoutbook exactly as it is on the application, and that the Leader Application information matches the existing adult information when it is submitted to the registrar. If the parent’s existing Scoutbook account has a BSA ID associated with it (which it should), then adding that BSA ID to the new leader application (and using that login information to connect to my.scouting) should reduce the likelihood of creating duplicate accounts.

For example, we had a parent register as a leader recently. He used his nickname and one email address when filling out the youth application as a parent several years ago. He had a matching Scoutbook account. He then used his full legal name and a different email address when registering at my.scouting to take YPT. That led directly to a second BSA ID and Scoutbook account being created.

Glad to know that at least part of the issue is at Council - we can deal with that, hopefully. The issue I have seen are with the parents whose boys are 14-15 or older that had ScoutBook accounts as parents with no BSA ID associated with them because they weren’t Den Leaders (pre Lion days). I have an ASM in my Troop that used the same information (hasn’t changed his email in years, like me) on his adult leader application, but instead of checking, someone just created a new @scoutbook.com email account. I was asking him about whether or not he could see any other Scouts other than his son and when I said no, that is when we noticed his leader account, with BSA ID, had the generic email associated with it. Frustrating to have a piece of technology that helps the unit and we still use 20th century practices at the District/Council level to manage it.

I’ve been using the Roster Builder to help me check for BSA IDs for unit parents. It looks like nearly every one of ours has a BSA ID, with a few notable exceptions in the “oldest” scout range (those who either have just aged-out, or soon will). These are the settings I use, in case it would be helpful.

I’ve often seen that parents register for a new my.scouting account to take YPT, and that’s the MID that gets the new position even if they had a pre-existing one.


When a parent is added to Scoutbook prior to becoming a leader, creating a My.Scouting account, or having an ID number created by council they are given a Scoutbook ID #. Unfortunately that ID # does not sync with My. Scouting or ScoutNet (the program council registrars use). When and if the parent does become a leader with a new ID # then they now have duplicate Scoutbook accounts after the system uploads from ScoutNet. The registrar can and usually does a person search when registering adults and youth but they cannot see already created Scoutbook ID #s. They can only see My.Scouting ID #s because it is directly linked to ScoutNet.

Thank you all for your feedback. Eventually we will combine these systems to where they talk to each other intuitively and we will eliminate problems like this. One step at a time.

Thank you for this explanation. Just to make sure I’ve got this right. For a regular parent in Scoutbook the number under BSA Member ID# is a Scoutbook ID - not a real BSA ID. When an existing Scoutbook Parent becomes either a 1) a Leader or 2) a Adult Partner to a new young scout they are assigned a my.scouting.org BSA ID. But their email address already exists in Scoutbook so Scoutbook can’t have the same email twice, so it overwrites the email address on the my.scouting.org BSA ID account with a fake changeyouremail@scoutbook.com email address. So the parent continues to use the original account that Scoutbook recognizes based on their email but any YPT or trainings they take on my.scouting.org are associated with the new real BSA ID.

This is explains 90% of my Cub Scout parent account problems. It doesn’t solve it but at least now I understand why it is happening.

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