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Duplicate Scoutbook User ID

I have a Den leader with one user id link to his BSA member ID and another user ID with no BSA member ID. This leader can’t see his den because the user ID with all his information a privilege is with know BSA member Id. What should I do.

If you post the Den Leader’s BSA member number (no names), we can take a look.

Den leader BSA memeber number is 13394664

This should be fixed now.

Please ask the Den Leader to sign in to Scoutbook with her my.scouting username and password.

I really appreciate you help. Talk to my den leader and she is set. Thanks you again. Have a greate day.

@OmarLopez1 It looks like her New Member Coordinator and Den Leader positions in Scoutbook need to be re-approved.

A Pack Admin can re-approve them. Ask a Pack Admin to:

  1. Go to the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on her name.
  3. Click on her New Member Coordinator position.
  4. Make sure the box is checked next to “position approved”.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Repeat for the Den Leader position.

I could use some help merging member numbers.

I have a Scout with 136787328 in Scoutbook. Only has meritbadge info, no Advancement.
He’s got another number in his book and on a membership card: 135271903 which I believe was in scoutbook before recharter. Can we merge these and keep the number specific to my council?136787328

Scott Hurley ASM T922B

BSA IDs really cannot be merged when they are from different councils - like this instance. All the advancements are in the current registration so all looks good

Thank you for looking into this.

His Rank is not correct. He’s been a Boy Scout for three years and is a First Class. All that rank advancement was lost upon recharter. I haven’t checked but he may have lost camping, hiking, and volunteer hours as well.

If we have re-enter it manually so be it, can anyone provide us with an Individual Advancement report and activity logs for 135271903?

Scott Hurley

OH in Scoutbook - let me see

OK - I set it to Sync overnight - we will look in the morning

I found a deleted account for the Scout @ScottHurley that has the Logs - trying to piece it together now

OK I got Activities back - still working on Merit Badges

Mr. McNeil I’m the advancement chair for this Scout. I have what may be a dumb question. At the bottom of the scout’s account in SB, it shows a different council that the scout’s current one. Is that because it shows the very first council the scout started with, or is this a potential issue?


Marris Petersen

that is nothing - you can change it under edit profile

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Thanks, I was able to update it.

Hello Jennifer,
I wonder if you can assit me with a similar problem.
Somehow I have 2 BSA accounts.
BSA Member # 12617009 an BSA #13689321
The 126…is my original id but when I retook my YP somehow a new BSA number was created and is causing all sorts of issues with my account.

When I login into Scoutbook and choose my.Scouting Dashboard(training) it shows right on the main page that my YP is expired but when I choose to retake it, it shows it is completed.

Please help is there any way to completely remove BSA member #13689321 and retake the YP.


log into my.scouting.org > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to Scoutbook.com and log in using your my.scouting.org credentials

@KevinBarreiros You actually have 3 BSA member numbers. I have made the one with your Den Leader registration “primary”.

You also have 3 Scoutbook accounts.

Edited to add: With regard to training, you can access your training under the different BSA member numbers by switching between them with Manage Member ID (at my.scouting).

Wow that was super fast. I can already see in scoutbook that I can login and everything is there.

Yeah the scoutmaster sent me text with a third BSA number. Can the other two be removed?
I see now the BSA #604…is what is being used.