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Duplicate Scoutbooks -

Good Morning

The other thread was closed, but I am still having Scoutbook issues. I hope this is an appropriate place to ask this.

I now have 3 scoutbooks, The Correct scoutbook account that has all my connections, all of my trainings, etc:

BSA # 137397031 User ID: 12057600

I know that each Scoutbook has a user ID and I’m not sure what the duplicate user ID’s.

My Daughters are having Scoutbook issues as well, when they log in the only profile that pulls up is their old one, but I can see their current and correct accounts.

The Correct account for my oldest:

BSA # 137404295
Scoutbook user ID- 2431858

and my next daughter’s correct account:

BSA #137404271
User ID - 9849400

Thank you for all of your help.

This was fixed by in private messages.

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