Duplicate Scouts (Webelos)

I have a problem in that 4 of my Webelos are listed twice. They are listed correctly in their Den and additionally they are listed as not in a Den. I have checked and the BSA number is the same. I think the issue is that when I look at membership, each of them have 2 active memberships. One is listed as Webelo with Join Date of October 2021 and an “extended lapse”. The other membership is listed as a Youth Member with a Join Date of April 2022 and optional notes of “AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert”. How do I get these synced up? Do I just put an end date on one? If so, which?

just end the pack membership - leave the den membership @ThomasAnderson5

on which entry? the one for youth member or webelos member?

As long as it is the same Scoutbook User ID you are fine - one should be specific membership that says Den X - keep those

ok, thx for the quick response.

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