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I originally created my Scoutbook account when I joined as an adult leader in Indiana. After I moved to North Carolina, and I went to renew my YPT, I was told I completed the training under the wrong account, and 7 has to create a new account with a new member ID. I am using the new ID, but I can still see my old account in Scoutbook. I don’t even know how to log into the old account. It has the same name, email, phone number, address, etc as the new one. How do I delete the old account?

You’re in Old Hickory Council now. I merged that with a scoutbook account from Crossroads of America. I also added all of your old member numbers under your user name but the Old Hockory one is primary, and that seems to have your YPT. If there was other training on other member numbers, give it two days to see if what I did brings it over. If not, you may need to change which member number is primary for a day and then change it back.

Thank you for looking into this for me. Everything seems fine at first review.

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