E-check Payment

Our unit opted to pay by e-check. Is this option working for other units?

During submission, I entered our checking account information. We were able to see the test deposits hit our account, however we never received information on how to enter them to verify the account.
Neither myself or the Treasurer (whose info. was entered during payment) received an email with these details and I could not find anything in the system showing a pending payment that needed this information (only the “Recharter is Locked” screen).

Any help on e-check payments would be greatly appreciated.

It take some steps (for example the test payments), but it worked for us. It went very smoothly and our charter posted within 7 days of 1/1/22.

@Matt.Johnson How were the test deposits entered? The test deposits showed up within one day but I don’t know where to visit to enter them.

We got an email from WePay. Then clicked on the link to enter them.

One of the “weak links” of the system is that it required emails from the recharter system, Adobe Sign, and WePay if you did the echeck.

@Matt.Johnson thank you very much, this gives us something to search for.

It would have been nice if the documentation said if you choose echeck expect an email from wepay.