E-mail remains disabled for the following accounts:

Hello, Please clarify the info below: and when will this be disabled again? My unit account has none of the issues listed below, so why are the emails disabled.

In a further attempt to be removed from the e-mail blacklist, timed calendar reminders have been disabled. Please use Send Now to send calendar reminders immediately.

E-mail remains disabled for the following accounts:

  • Any adult accounts with NO current BSA registrations and NO connections to youth accounts as Parent/Guardian or Other Family Member
  • Any youth accounts with NO current BSA registrations and NO connections to any adults

Users can enable their e-mail again by logging in to Scoutbook and navi

@SoniaAsuncion It looks like you have 2 BSA member ID numbers with very different dates of birth.

The one with your unit e-mail address does not appear to be disabled. The one with your personal e-mail looks like it has the e-mail opt out toggle turned on.

I shouldnt have 2 BSA. and what does have to do with not been able to send time calendars. this was disable by scoutbook admin side due to some blacklist emails. everything is working find on my end until whoever disable the time calendars set.

I only active in one BSA 12090243

Timed reminders are turned off for all users not just you

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Scoutbook Admins,

How can we keep an email account from being blacklisted? Everything in my profile looks correct and I have gotten Scoutbook emails without obvious issues in the past, but now they are not consistently arriving in my inbox and there’s no evidence of them in any spam/junk email folders. Today I found my account had been set to Opt Out without my knowledge (which I changed back to Opt In). My account uses the comcast.net domain FYI.


There was a change recently where BSA attempted to identify “bad” email addresses and “flag” them in the system using the “No Email” tag, but whatever they did also hit a bunch of known good ones. It was discussed in another thread, and has been reported to the he developers for investigation.

ETA: Here’s that thread: Accounts with an e-mail found to be bad as Opted Out of e-mail from Scoutbook