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E version Merit Badge Pamplets

Has anyone downloaded any new E version of the Merit Badge Pamphlets? Can I share it between my devices? I have a PC, Nook and iPad.


Android ebooks can be on 5-6 devices as long as they are same account I believe

I don’t know the limits, but I have viewed them on 2 of my PCs and my phone.

My PC and Nook are droids, but my iPad and phone are Apple. So,I guess I’ll have to decide which device I want to download to, droid or Apple.

So, here is another question. If we purchase an E version will we get updates free?

I have read somewhere yes - BUT I would not count on it

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According to Updated merit badge pamphlets now available through Amazon Kindle - Bryan on Scouting when a merit badge pamphlet is updated, a new copy will need to be purchased.


I don’t think the Kindle versions this is referring to are available any more.

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Correct. There are / were Kindle ones. The new ones use this obscure DRM from Adobe that requires a supported application. The Windows application literally looks like it is 10-15 years in the past. Totally crummy. The iPhone’s free Adobe app sucks so much they (Scoutshop.org) don’t even mention it. They say to buy a $5 one. It is pretty nice, I have even used it as a pdf viewer lately. But again, $5 extra.

Thanks for the info. If I could share between my droid and Apple devices I would have considered them. Free updates would have been the clincher. I will be purchasing hard copies.

Per the manager at our local National store, MB books are transitioning to online only. The store can only get books that are in stock at the warehouse. When they are gone, then online will be the only option.

Well poop! What are scouts that don’t have devices or like our troop that doesn’t allow phones at meetings going to do?

Troops will have to teach scouts to properly use a phone as a tool not a toy, the same way we teach them knives, axes, fire, etc are tools, not toys.


Yeah, this presumes the presence of a device. Aren’t we in the process of trying to make sure Scouting stays accessible to all? What are the poor kids supposed to do with the “going digital” plan? Using school-provided devices (again, assuming such exist) is generally a no-go since you can’t just install anything you choose, and many are limited as to what websites are accessible.

Decisions like this, while I can see how folks counting pennies arrive at them, really chafe at me.

ETA: To clarify, I’m not suggesting that @edavignon is advancing the opinion that devices are sufficiently ubiquitous that everyone has one, not railing at him personally. Just making (apparently poorly) the point that those who make decisions like this often overlook the impact that such decisions have on families who don’t have as many resources.

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I was responding to the portion of the question

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I agree, Scouts that have school provided devices won’t be able to down Merit Badge pamphlets. And if they could once the device is turned in at the end of the school year that pamphlet is no longer accessible to them.m

My apologies if I implied you were at fault or supporting the change, @edavignon. That was not my intention at all. I was less careful than I should have been about how I wrote it. Mea culpa.

So if it is true that BSA will only have eMerit Badge Pamphlets, does this do away with the Librarian position in the troop?

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@CM32 hard to say - my committee is thinking of buying cheap tablets and getting the whole library - still need librarian to check them out


I was wondering the same thing especially when electronic devices are discouraged at meetings and especially camping. There are many 1st year scouts that do not have electronic devices or are limited to certain uses for Child Protection.