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E-version of patrol forms

I am wondering if something like this even exists.

Does anyone have or know of electronic versions of the various patrol forms? Specifically, I am looking for duty rosters, meal plans, and etc. that once the boys complete could be shared via email, stored online, or other means and made accessible the PLC and/or adult leadership. Our normal process involves the standard paper versions that have been around since the beginning of time. I thought about doing a Google form that could be filled out each time but I am open to other options.

Before I get swamped with downvotes, yes, I know the motto. I was a scout for many years and preach it to the boys of our troop. The reason I ask is that our committee is trying to find ways that will make the documentation process easier. Our boys, like most of yours I’m sure, don’t always have a pencil or paper but they always have their cellphone. So we thought if we could make the process simpler we would get better information.

Over the last year or so there were a couple of campouts where the boys would prep for a campout only to have the boy who had the paperwork fall ill and backout of the campout. Or two or three boys in a patrol would have something come up with school and have to backout.

In either scenario, the adult leaders were left trying to decide if there were enough boys to man the patrol, enough transportation, or possibly have them combine with another patrol. Sometimes we have to go back to square one as the boy that had the paperwork wasn’t easily accessible.

If anyone has any constructive comments in how they deal with issues like this, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Here is one for a patrol duty roster:

Fillable Patrol Duty Roster

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There’s no reason your Scouts couldn’t create the forms themselves, making them exactly what they need…


Slightly older age range, but my crew relied heavily on Google Docs – especially spreadsheets and forms. Depending on your troop’s internet service provider, you may also have drop-box – not my favorite, but also nice.

For rosters and such, I suggest teaching scouts to go as plain-text as possible. Not every hand-held plays nice with every app.

Do keep in mind that handing off paperwork when you are sick or otherwise detained is a critical life skill. If you’re scouts have hand-helds, they probably have cameras. So … the easiest solution may be to train scouts to take a picture of the paperwork that they completed and E-mail it to their patrol or drop it in the troop’s box (should you make one).

Whatever you’re considering, test it in real time. Have scouts get out the stopwatch to time a PL filling out and copying a paper roster vs. any electronic alternative. You’re not doing anyone favors by making their jobs take longer to complete.


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