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Eagle BOR and Parent

In my District/Council it is customary for the Unit leader to sit in on the EBOR to mainly say “Board, I would like to introduce Eagle Candidate ……………” - other than that I might have said 3 words once to answer a question a Scout presented to me as Scoutmaster. Now my son is up for EBOR and I am trying to decide if I should have an ASM cover for me? Thoughts?

I’ve seen it done both ways. Has your district expressed a policy on the issue?

@DonovanMcNeil - I would think that having an ASM sit in for you is a good idea. Although the SM is not a required attendee if I read the GTA correctly nor are the parents of the scout attendees either. But certainly avoiding a conflict of interest is a good plan. I am a “red shirt” so take that as it comes :slight_smile:

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I would have an ASM sit in. It changes the dynamic having a parent in there. If you were sitting on the other side of the table, it might change the way you ask questions.

The Unit leader is not part of the Board - just there for support


I would introduce the scout and completely leave. The fact the scout is my son doesn’t change that I am still his SM. (I know others don’t agree.) Then again, for my single EBoR I introduced and left the immediate area. (With COVID it was in a park. I was far enough away they could have summoned me, but not close enough to hear.)

From what I have seen on FB it does seem that the SM sitting as a non-participant has become a thing. I will resist doing that. I think there is something to be gained from pushing the fledgling out to fly on his/her own. Make no mistake - I can become a bear should the BOR go sideways. But that doesn’t happen often and I trust the scouters in my area who are sitting on the boards. Heck - the guy who heads it up is the one I call when I get stuck.

The G2A (no one seems to call it that, but people do use G2SS) makes it clear this isn’t an option for you

“The Scout’s parents, relatives, or guardians should not be in attendance in any capacity—not as members of the board, as observers, or even as the unit leader. ”

I’m not a believer in any SM or ASM presence. Intro? Yes. I do see, though, a unit leader can be there as a quiet observer.

“Hello Mr. Smith, Mrs. Jones, and Mr. Hill, this is Emma Johnson, a Scout in the troop who is going for Life Scout. I will be in the other room if you need me. Thank you.”


I think everyone else has answered the question. But I wanted to state the most important thing “Congratulations to your son on reaching this point!”. The night my son earned Eagle I think I was more excited than him!!!


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