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Eagle BOR

How are Eagle BOR being handled by everyone? We have 4 boys that are ready. 2 are turning 18 in the next month but the others still have about a year. I know about the 3 month extension for the 2 older boys, but we have both parents and leaders pushing to have BOR completed within the next few weeks. We don’t want to hold a BOR and then hear back from our council why we held one when they specifically said that they would not authorize one during this epidemic.

Our district Eagle Boards went virtual several weeks ago, with the blessing of our council. There’s a specific discussion of handling Boards of Review (including Eagle boards) through videoconference in the Guide to Advancement. The BSA references it in their COVID-19 FAQs.

From https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/covid-19-faq/ :

Q: Are extensions required when an Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster board of review must be delayed?

No. Councils may grant Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster boards of review up to six months after the youth’s 18th/21st birthday. See GTA Topic, “Eagle Scout Board of Review Beyond the 18th Birthday.”

See also, GTA Topic, “Boards of Review Through Videoconferencing.”

It isn’t clear from your post, have they specifically said they won’t authorize one? Why haven’t they gone virtual? I wouldn’t do an Eagle BoR without the district/council agreeing it is what should be done. If the current parent pushback is firm, imagine the mess if they would try to nullify a board that was already held?

Are the parents pushing because they don’t understand the requirements and think their Scout will miss the window? If so, explain to them that the requirement for completing Eagle Scout is met when the Scout turns in a complete application, not when the Board of Review is held. See the Guide to Advancement for details. Complete All the Requirements

Confirm that the following requirements have been completed before the 18th birthday: active participation, Scout spirit, merit badges, position of responsibility, service project, and unit leader conference. Note that the unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference need not be the last item accomplished. The board of review may be conducted after the 18th birthday.

@KennethAdams pretty much true - the other issue is they stop being youth in the BSA system at 18.5 yrs. And it becomes more complex to record the Eagle after that.

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