Eagle Extension -entering

How do I enter an Eagle Extension? With the update to Member Manager this is now gone. As Council Commissioner I had the access and did the previous ones.

So - the way it works now - you go into Member Manager (Organization Manager) - and select the unit. Then you select the scout - and click “Edit” - when you are on their record you can click on the button to grant a 3-month COVID Eagle Extension.

There is no button there.

Marc – when I look at COVID-19 FAQ | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org) - I notice on the Question " Q: May local councils grant extensions?" that this was to expire 9/30 - I don’t have an update, but I will check with some of my contacts to get the latest info.

Do we have an update as to whether Councils can grant this still at this time? Things are getting worse instead of better right now.

Yes Council’s are still doing extensions, additional COVID extensions can be done up to 3 months, and beginning 1/1/2021 councils will be able to do “any extension” up to 6 months.

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